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iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - 1715mAh

(7 customer reviews)

iPhone 6S Battery Replacement - 1715mAh

£14.99 £11.89

(7 customer reviews)

Part Number: 616-00036, 616-00033

iPhone 6S: A1633, A1688, A1700

Battery Capacity: 1715mAh

Voltage: 3.8V – 6.55Whr

Warranty: 6 Months

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    Battery Adhesive - £0.99
    USB Charger Cable - £5.39 £3.89

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New Replacement Battery for the iPhone 6S – 1715mAh

Our batteries are not the cheap ones found on other sites. We have sold 1000s of these with no problems. Other cheaper batteries will not have the same power output as these resulting in no performance change from your old one and can damage your iPhone. All our batteries are tested and comes with a warranty.

This is a new OEM specification iPhone 6S Battery. Unlike cheaper copies (mainly found on popular auction sites), these are FULLY COMPATIBLE and wont damage your iPhone 6S!

Make the job easy to fix, why not add one of our tool kits and battery adhesive strips will hold your new battery in place properly
Battery life down on your iPhone 6S? Fed up with loosing power? Time to replace the battery and get your iPhone 6S back to full power!
We recommend battery adhesive strips to be added to fit your battery properly

Please note : This part is compatible for the iPhone 6S only with the following model numbers – A1633, A1688 and A1700. To confirm your handset model, the number can be located on the rear of your handset. Under the Apple logo it will state Model A then a four digit number. (see here for battery type). Please ensure you are ordering the correct battery type for your handset to avoid delays with your DIY repair.

Prefer a professional repair? See iPhone 6S Battery Repair.



Tips on extending your iPhone 6S Battery life:

As many people using the iPhone 6S agree, it really is one of the best mobile phones out there, extremely powerful and fun device. However, this comes with a price when it comes to battery life. Many of us with the iPhone 6S have to recharge our mobiles at least every other day if not during each night. Following some tips below, you can help preserve the life of your battery to ensure you have full use of your iPhone 6S when you really do need it!

Auto Brightness: The iPhone 6S is designed with an “Ambient Light Sensor” which will automatically adjust the light of the screen based on external light – a darker screen will be shown in darker surroundings. Turn on “Auto Brightness” and let your iPhone 6S automatically adjust the screen brightness. To do this: Go to Settings, then Display & Brightness and move the “Auto Brightness” slider to green.

Turn Bluetooth Off: Bluetooth is useful for those using their iPhone 6S with wireless earpieces and is also used for accepting data on certain apps/ features. Whilst not needing to use bluetooth, turn it off. Leaving the feature on will only use more juice from your battery! To do this: Go to Settings, select Bluetooth and turn slider to off (white).

Turn Wi-Fi Off: Granted, Wi-Fi is quicker than 3G or 4G but if you’re not using your iPhone 6S in an area you know Wi-Fi can be connected – turn it off. Leaving your Wi-Fi turned on searching for “hot spots” is a guaranteed way of loosing power from your iPhone 6S battery. To turn off: Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi and turn slider to off (white).

Location Settings: Great feature, especially when you are in areas you don’t know. But, having this feature on will use your battery. Simply put, whilst on, your iPhone 6S will be constantly sending and receiving data on nearby locations, attractions, restaurants etc. To turn off: Go to Settings, select Privacy and slide the Location Settings to off (white)

Battery Killers: With the latest update of IOS 8, there is a great new app which allows you to see exactly why your iPhone 6S battery is being used. This will then give you the option to see what it is you do use and turn off everything else. To do this: Go to Settings, select General, then Usage and go to Battery Usage

There are many ways to improve the life of your iPhone 6S battery. Looking at what features/ apps you use on a daily basis and switching those you don’t use off will always increase the life of your mobile.

Learn how to easily replace your iPhone 6S battery!

7 reviews for iPhone 6S Battery Replacement – 1715mAh

  1. Salsa Queen


  2. Dan – Swindon

    Tool kit missing from order. Replaced the next day but I had to wait. 6S battery good tho just could do with not forgetting the tools I needed to do the repair.

  3. Steve

    Just what I needed. Would suggest the adhesive strips. I didn’t order them and the battery not 100% secured. Will add it to my next order.

  4. Kirsty P

    As described. Husband followed the guide and iphone working perfectly. Would recommend to friends.

  5. iPhone 6S Battery review

    Little bit more than what I wanted to spend but does the job it’s suppose to.

  6. Doug B

    Bought one of these about a year ago so can now say that it has brought the phone back up to scratch and is still in great condition. Delivery good, adhesive strips essential to do the job right. Tip: stick the strips onto the base not the battery, then position the battery. Easy to follow guide. However, very thin gasket between the two case halves tore apart on opening, are these replaceable?

    So – a good quality battery with prompt delivery. What more could one ask?

  7. Dean Munsey

    Received battery I had ordered for my wife’s phone. It came really quickly . After reading the reviews, I also ordered the tool kit and battery strips which was lucky, as nothing actually came with the battery. There was no fitting guide or advice slip which was really disappointing so I’m having to use YouTube!

    • iPhone FixUK

      Sorry Dean. A how to guide has now been added to the product page. These guides are quite in-depth and therefore are better as an electronic version rather than several sheets of paper. Many thanks for your custom.

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