Repair a Water Damage iPhone

How to Guide to help prevent damage from water!

Anyone who has dropped their iPhone in the toilet etc knows the panic that can set in. However, by following these simple steps over 95% can be saved.


Step One:

If it hasn't already switched itself off - TURN IT OFF and under no circumstances (ie "I wonder if its OK!") do you turn on! If you turn on the phone with water/ moisture inside you will blow the motherboard - which pretty much equals death to the phone!

Step Two:

Try to dab off any water from the outside using kitchen roll, towel etc - especially around the areas which water can leak further inside (such as speaker mesh grill, charging dock).

Step Three:

Using a Pentalobe Screwdriver (or sometimes a phillips), remove the two screws found at the bottom edge of iPhone.

Step Four:

 This stage is a little bit tricky, but by following guides (and with some patience) most people can do it! Basically, remove as much of the inside as possible - trying to include the motherboard. A good website to find step by step information on strip downs for a variety of mobile phone makes and models is

Step Five:

Using 99% Isopropyl (rubbing alcohol - can be purchased from eBay, Amazon etc), carefully dab the areas including motherboard. Take care tho, a lot of components are very delicate and could easily be knocked off by mistake. This process removes any corrosive properties of the liquid.

Step Six:

Place all of the phone into a Tupperware container/ fully seal-able lunch box etc include a packet of Silca Gel (can be purchased separately online but can also be found in certain packaging - such as beef jerky packs!). If you haven't managed to fully strip the phone, place more silca gel around the phone. Leave for 24 to 48 hours - at this stage, the longer its left, the better the survival rate!

Step Seven:

Following guides, reassemble the phone, cross your fingers and switch on! If you have followed this guide, the success rate is over 95%!

If you prefer us to carry out the work, simply select your phone model from below and book in your repair.


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