December 04, 2014

How it works

Why choose iPhoneFixUK?

Fastest repair times: Over 95% of repairs are completed and back in the post the same day... at NO extra charge!

Trusted: iTechnician approved repair centre, fully registered company (9132440)... send your device to an ACTUAL SHOP not someones house!

Data protection: From encrypted payment (processed via WorldPay) to information stored on your device. iPhoneFixUK fully comply with all UK laws to ensure your details are 100% safe.

Delivery: Any item of value (such as repaired devices), are sent fully tracked and insured (up to £500) via Royal Mail special delivery.

Faster charging times for your iPhone

There's no doubt the iPhone is one of the top mobiles available on the market but they all suffer one major floor - Battery Life!! and for those without the new iPhone 6/ 6 Plus - it's a routine of sticking the phone on charge at least once if not twice a day!
There are several ways to shorten the time needed to recharge your iPhone:
  1. Turn on Airplane mode: Your iPhone is a battleground of power usage when it’s plugged in. The radios that run Wi-Fi, the cell phone signal, and Bluetooth are all vying for the power coming in, while your battery is trying its best to get some for itself. This will stop any calls/ texts whilst charging, but if you need a quick power up...try this next time!
  2. Battery Maintenance: It is recommended that at least once per month to fully charge your iPhone to 100% - use it until its completely flat and turns itself off - then fully charge again. This will help preserve the life of the battery and hold more charge. For most of us - at the end of each day we may put it on charge with 15 - 40% battery still remaining, this is fine as long as you look after your battery once per month.
  3. Temperature: Great for us here in the UK! (Without placing the iPhone in a fridge!) A cooler environment equals faster charge. If you use an external battery charger (case style) - don't leave it in your pocket whilst charging.
  4. Chargers: Not all chargers are created equal, including the one that came with your iPhone. The iPhone charger is a 5-volt charger that uses 1 amp for 5 watts of power.
    This is all well and good, but when you look at the iPad’s charger with 5.1 volts, 2.1 amps, and 12 watts, you can see the difference. That extra power means that the iPhone will get a much faster charge when plugged into an iPad charger. Compare this to a standard USB on your computer that uses 5 volts, 0.5 amps, and only 2.5 watts of power. In other words, your iPhone will charge about half as quickly on USB as it will using the iPhone wall charger, and it will charge twice as fast using the iPad charger.

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