April 29, 2016

How it works

Why choose iPhoneFixUK?

Fastest repair times: Over 95% of repairs are completed and back in the post the same day... at NO extra charge!

Trusted: iTechnician approved repair centre, fully registered company (9132440)... send your device to an ACTUAL SHOP not someones house!

Data protection: From encrypted payment (processed via WorldPay) to information stored on your device. iPhoneFixUK fully comply with all UK laws to ensure your details are 100% safe.

Delivery: Any item of value (such as repaired devices), are sent fully tracked and insured (up to £500) via Royal Mail special delivery.

Phone not charging properly?

If when charging your iPhone or iPad the charge isnt connecting properly then check your charging port before writing off your battery. More often than not a lot of dirt or bits of clothing, tissues etc gets into the charging port within your device being caused by having the device in your pocket. A good blow out of the port can sometimes do the trick and save you money!

If this wasn't successful try a different charger lead, if this still fails then it will need the charging port replaced. This can be done by a DIYer following online guides or sent in for repair.

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